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Bath salts


A combination of mineral salts with ground oats and calendula, cornflower and chamomile flowers, scented with essential oils. Blends the benefits of mineral salts with the renowned calming properties of these plant extracts. To maximize the calming effects of the salts, add two full scoops to your bathwater and relax for 15 minutes.

For an even more intense experience, add some Foaming Bath Gel to your bathwater. After bathing, envelop yourself in the richness of 4+4 Extra Rich Body Cream. Both are from the AGUACALMA line.

Active Ingredients Mineral sea salts, ground oats, chamomile and calendula.

Properties When added to bath water, provides calming, smoothing, moisturizing and emollient action.

Use Add a full scoop of bath salts to bathwater at the desired temperature, and relax.